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IntrovertedSmiles, Ex-Muslim Therapist on Youtube

  1. Pleasing Dictator Muslim Parents - Don't Do It
  2. I Refuse To Kiss Christian @$$ As ExMuslim
  3. The Muslim Prayer Gets Boring...
  4. What'd You Think Of People When You Were Muslim? Q&A
  5. Is Ilhan Omar Progressive?
  7. In Egypt: Being Cat-Called Wearing Niqab
  8. Why Muslims Should Support #NoHijabDay
  10. He Left Christianity Because Of My Videos On Islam
  11. When Muslims Claim ExMuslims Are Mentally Unstable
  12. My Fundamental Gripe With Christianity
  13. Why Are American/UK Converts Different From Born-Muslims?
  14. Muslim Has Anxiety About Leaving Islam (Audio)
  15. Kanadajin3 Leaves A Comment To Former Muslim
  16. #SaveBasmah "Amy" From Yemen In Trouble + Bonus Video
  17. "ZAKIR NAIK, HAMZA TZORTZIS Are Years Behind" Says Muslim
  18. Saudi Woman Afraid (Rahaf) - What Is "Insulting" In Islam?
  19. Harvard University Imam Justifies This In 2019
  21. Islam Has No Answers For New Years Celebration
  22. Organifi Green Juice Honest Review (Not A Paid Sponsored Review)
  23. Two Scandanavian Women Murdered By ISIS- ExMuslim Emotionally Reacts
  24. Merry Christmas To All
  25. Hijabi Girl Attacked In Bathroom - Reaction From ExMuslim
  26. Reaching Out To Dalia Mogahed - ExMuslim Respectful Response
  27. That Time I Almost Did Mutah With A Shia...
  28. Muslim Women Should Speak Out More Against...
  29. Muslim And MuslimPhobe Triggered in 2018
  30. Dinia Tokio Vs. Ali Dawah (Can Muslim Women Marry Non-Muslims?)
  31. Childhood Ramadan Stories
  32. WWE Crown Jewel Thoughts (ExMuslim Perspective)
  33. I'm Kinda Done With ExMuslim YouTube For Now...
  34. Thoughts On Porn As A Muslim? Why Believe In Hadith?
  35. To The Bangladeshi Giving Up In America
  36. Third Son Of Wife #4 In Muslim Family (Product Of Polygamy)
  37. Helping Muslims And Exes With PTSD PART 2
  38. Helping Muslims And Exes With PTSD PART 1
  39. Being Gay In Saudi Arabia - Advice
  40. Wealthy Muslim Family MAFIA
  41. Why Muslim Women Are Less Desirable
  42. Easiest Way To Leave Islam? Practice It.
  43. Worst Day Of My Life As A Muslim
  44. Ex-Muslim Woman Won't Date Guy From Muslim Background
  46. Weird Muslim Personalities You Come Across
  48. When Does Islam Become Fascism?
  49. UPDATE- Muslims In The West Are People Too! And That's Ok!
  50. Muslim Left Islam For Beer And Women
  51. Why Islam Will NEVER Be Better Than The West (VeeduVidz Response)
  52. Leave Your American Muslim Girlfriend, Ex Hijabi Embraces Herself
  53. Ayisha's Portrayal In "God's Not Dead" Movie (Former Muslim Perspective)
  54. To Follow Islamic Scholars Literally Is To Ignore Science, Innovations
  55. Sometimes You Can't Change Muslim Women
  56. Indian Men Need To Reclaim Manhood! MGTOW- Muslim, Hindu, Sikh Princesses
  57. ExMoose Woman: Will I Be Single Forever?
  58. Half Of Family Is Muslim, Getting Picked On By Millenial Fruitcakes
  59. Dear ExMoose, A Woman Won't Solve Your Identity Crisis
  60. Christianity And Islam LOVE MAGIC!
  61. IntrovertedSmiles Takes On White Christianity
  62. Christianity Isn't Enlightening For Me. End Story.
  63. Right-Wing Christians Hijack ExMuslims (Sad But True)
  64. Muslim Justifies Islamic Slavery In His Blog, And It's Stupid
  66. The Quran Disposes You To Suicidal Thoughts If You Leave Islam
  67. Shut Up, You Don't Know It All After Leaving Islam
  68. Being A Salesman To Convert Non-Muslims To Islam
  69. These Muslim Hijabi Women Ain't Loyal!
  70. The Hunchback of Saudi Arabia (Muslim Who Needs A Virgin Woman)
  71. When A Muslim Woman Takes Off Hijab...
  72. Narcissism And Islam: 75 Percent of Quran Focuses On Others
  73. Honor Killings - Something We Can ALL Do Something About
  74. Ex-Muslim and Muslim Dialogue (Turn up Volume and Headphones!)
  75. "There Are No Barbaric Laws In Quran And Hadith" Says Muslim
  76. Muslim "Arguments" Against America! Smh
  77. Leaving Islam, Not Feeling Guilty To Love Non-Believers!
  78. Muslim Imams Pocket Your Cash! And Youthful Jihad Mosques
  79. Is Gossip About Women's Sexuality Rooted In Islam?
  80. This Video's For Red-Pilled Incels (Single ExMuslim Males)
  81. I Converted Him To Islam, Now I Left, And He's Mad
  82. Blackburn Imam Caught In Pedophile Sting (Months Later Discussing)
  83. Raising Children To Be Ex Muslims From Birth?
  84. His Muslim Father Just Died As An Ex-Muslim Atheist
  85. Muslim Parents Disowning Children, Why You Shouldn't Care
  86. Question From Muslim- Do You Like This Surah?
  87. Be Accepted As Muslim Or Be Rejected As Ex-Muslim
  88. Why I Speak Out As An Ex-Muslim (Algerian ExMuslim)
  89. Muslims And "Different Context" Theory
  90. Ex Muslims, Stop Being A Burden On Your Families!
  91. Pressuring Or Forcing Kids To Wear Hijab (Rant)
  92. White Ethno-State? Do You Believe In Anti-Christ?
  93. Ex-Muslim Incel Males On The Rise (Virgin Boys)
  94. Ex Muslims: The American Dream Is Overrated
  95. Ramadan Special: Why Do Muslims Overlook 3 Goddesses?
  96. How To Adapt To Life AFTER Leaving That Religion
  97. Does The Quran Have Universal Truths In It?
  98. Why Ramadan Isn't Joyful For Me/Thanks SyeTen, Masked Arab
  99. She Left Me For Her Muslim Boyfriend
  100. She Moved To A Muslim Country From America
  101. Ex-Muslim In Muslim Country About To End It
  102. Why Do They Put Muhammad Before Themselves?
  103. Thinking Differently From Muslim Family
  104. Is There A "Live And Let Live" Mentality?
  105. Analyzing The Last Words Of The Prophet
  106. What Am I Missing Out On If I Stay Muslim?
  107. Growing Up In A Strict Religious Environment
  108. How Some Muslims React To Truthful Conversations
  109. Is It Taqiyya Or The Ego?
  110. Divorced From Arranged Marriage, Now Lonely
  111. The Day I Gave Up On Muhammad
  112. 20K Subscribers- When Put Down, Lift Another Up!
  113. What Was Your Experience At The Mosque?
  115. How Would You Change Your Muslim Childhood?
  116. Looking Back At The "Muslim Ban" From Trump Supporters
  117. Should I Be Angry Or Calm After Leaving?
  118. Articles Published "We Are Rising In America"
  119. Those Who Leave Should Start A Small Business
  120. I Was Called "Murtad" Today
  121. Toxic People Are Everywhere After You Leave
  122. How Do You Integrate? How To Talk To Muslims
  123. My Conversation With An Imam
  124. To My Daughters Who Are Struggling
  125. Responding To "Try To Find The Beauty And Love"
  126. Trusting Christian Parents After Leaving
  127. Telling Parents I No Longer Believe
  128. Dealing With A Controlling Mother (Leaving Islam)
  129. Over 1 Million Views. Thank You. Love You.
  130. Angry White Males "I See Why Islam Keeps Women Checked"
  131. Does Race Matter In Islam (Being Brown)?
  132. Is Divorce In Islam A Mechanism To Retain Muslims?
  133. Boring Excuses Muslims Give (Muslim Reformation)
  134. Muslim Programming Vs. The Truth
  135. Is Lauren Southern Racist Against Brown People?
  136. Ex-Muslim "Dua Never Worked", Opinion On Zionism/Jews
  137. Was Muhammad A Narcissist? FAQ
  138. Muslim Family Doesn't Care About The "REAL ME"
  139. What's Your ExMuslim View On Spirituality/Meditation?
  140. Hamza Tzortzis Vs. PZ Meyers Helped Me Question Religion
  141. Big Ex-Muslim YouTuber Asks Me For Advice
  142. Why Does Someone Voluntarily Choose Islam?
  143. Had No Childhood Because Of The Religion Of Peace
  144. One Day Hijab On, Another Day Hijab Off
  145. First Time Trying Pork Belly Sandwich, Oriental Pork
  146. Islamic Creationism, Reliance Of A Traveler, Free Thinkers
  147. Women- Islamic Divorce, Left With Kids To Raise
  148. Adoption Story Of A Former Muslim (Dark)
  149. IT'S NOT IN THE QURAN! (Dawah Vampires)
  150. Don't Let Them Guilt Trip You Back To Islam!
  151. IntrovertedSmiles: 2017 Review (Reflections)
  152. My Muslim Parents Seem Hypocritical At Times
  153. Addressing Hijabi Instagram/YouTube Models
  154. Insecure About My Brown/Arab Skin (For The Ex-Muslim/Muslim)
  155. Conversation With Allah: Is He Most Merciful?
  157. How To Value Women After Leaving Islam (As A Man)
  158. Muslims/Christians Screwed Me In Past. Should I Befriend Again?
  159. Linda Sarsour Enables Sexual Assault (Allegations)
  160. Does Christianity Equal "White", And Islam Equal "Brown"
  161. Counselling Ex-Muslims: Muslim Family Always Degrades Me
  162. I Left Islam, Should I De-Convert Family? (FAQ)
  163. Are Muslims Really At Peace With Islam?
  164. What YouTube Needs To Understand.. I Do Love Muslims
  165. Should I Date This Islamist Chick?
  166. A Muslim Sincerely Writes To Ex-Muslim
  167. Having Doubts About Islam? Let Me Help You
  168. Muslim Culture Has No Love And Is Harsh
  169. Muslim Parents Know I Lost Virginity (Woman)
  171. Ali Dawah (Muslim) Vs. Britain First (Right Wing) REACTION
  172. Ex-Muslims In America And Saudi Arabia: WE ARE UNITED
  173. Muhammad's Subtle Racism: Muslim Vs. ExMuslim Thoughts
  174. Muslims/ExMuslims Posing As Feminists To Get Women
  175. Death And Depression: Muslim Vs. ExMuslim
  176. 3 Ex-Muslim Women Share Their Voices/Struggles
  177. 19K Subscribers: Double Standards Of Muslim Men
  178. A Muslim Actually Loves My Channel
  179. There Will Never Be A True Caliphate In Islam
  180. I Gave Up On Reforming Islam And Muslims
  181. A Letter From Malaysia: Islam Is NOT Peaceful Here
  182. Islam's Backwards Rules On Marriage, Divorce, Raising Kids
  183. Should USA And UK Be Politically Correct With Muslims?
  184. I'm A White Guy That Loves A Muslimah
  185. What's The Alternative To Being Muslim?
  186. Tariq Ramadan Accused Of Sexual Assault
  187. The Quran Is Better In Arabic- Excuse Given By Muslims
  188. Women Leaving Islam From Muslim Backgrounds
  189. Why Don't Muslims Leave Apostates Alone?
  190. The Manhattan Shooter: How Do We Better Understand?
  191. Send Better E-mails Or I'm Moving On (Rant)
  192. How To Pick Up Muslim Women And Non-Muslim Women
  193. Muslim Guy Is Suffocating Me With Religion! Help!
  194. Halloween Should Be Halal In The 21st Century
  196. Tasting Homemade Bacon 4 Years After Being Muslim
  197. Trying Pork Chops For The First Time (Ex-Muslim Taste Test)
  198. You Will Leave Islam After Eating This
  199. Saudi Arabia's Moderate Islam? #SaveAmna #HonorKillings #FreeMuslimWomen
  200. My Boring Video About Jews (Requested A Lot)
  201. People Harassing Women In Hijab (Thoughts)
  202. Muhammad NEVER Sparked Violence Toward Others
  203. Former Islamic Fundamentalist: I Feel Dumb And Regret It
  204. When Muslims Say "Evolution Is Only A Theory"
  205. I'm Muslim But Don't Like Muslims Anymore
  206. 30 Years Old And ExMuslim: I Might Hang Myself
  207. Realizing Muhammad Was An Ordinary Human
  208. Did You Ever Believe In The Caliphate?
  209. Don't Let Muslims Bully You W/ Their Narrative
  210. Allah Is Not Answering Me. Why?
  211. Why Did My Muslim Husband Cheat?
  212. Dating Muslim, Pakistani, Arab Women Is A DISASTER!
  213. Muslim Family Thinks I'm Possessed (ExMuslim Advice)
  214. Allah Seems Like A Human To Me
  215. Using Las Vegas Shooting For YOUR Political Views
  216. Day Of Judgment In Islam (An ExMuslim View)
  217. I Don't Feel A Connection To Islam Anymore
  218. Ex-Muslim Therapy: 4 Most Common Troubles
  219. The Muslim Woman Vs. The Western Woman
  220. Christian Wants To Convert To Islam (Arab Woman Involved)
  221. What Happened To Mufassil Islam?
  222. NOUMAN ALI KHAN Involved In Scandal
  223. Christians, UnSub Me And Sub The Resistance Chicks
  224. How Do I Change Muslim Boyfriend's Mind
  225. Gay African Ex-Muslim Feeling Down
  226. Should I Convert To Christianity? Chilling With Subscribers
  227. Think Beyond The Quran And Muhammad
  228. Is It From Islam To Pray For Nabeel Qureshi?
  229. Lost Respect For MuslimByChoice (Nabeel Qureshi RIP)
  230. When Muslims Say "They'll Never Accept You"
  231. Semi-Muslim Woman Seeking Ex-Muslim Men
  232. ExMuslims: Getting Laid Is Better Than Jihad
  233. Eye For An Eye (Islam) Vs. Turn Other Cheek (Christianity)
  234. Somali ExMuslim Community Shout Out!
  235. Jinns Are Preventing Me From Leaving Islam
  236. Islam: Angels Are In Charge Of Uteruses
  237. Islamic Manipulation By Parents
  238. Quran 3:14 Incorrect Assumption About Disbelievers
  239. Did You Waste Your Time With Islam?
  240. Interview W/ Hashim Almadani "I Want Muslims To Wake Up"
  241. Muslim Girl Wasn't Allowed To Ride Bike
  242. NollaGirl504 & Brittany Pettibone (Are You Still MGTOW?)
  243. WHY I ALMOST LEFT ISLAM (Karim Jovian Response)
  244. How The Quran Dehumanizes Non-Believers
  245. How Do I De-Convert 1.5 Billion Muslims?
  247. 65:4 Of Quran Is Giving Me Doubts
  249. Islamic History Helped Me Leave Islam (Old Video)
  250. Message To Patreons/Donors Of IS
  251. American-Pakistani Arranged Marriages
  252. Brown People Before Islamization
  253. Hello ExMuslims Of Bosnia! Kako si?
  254. ExMuslim Jihad Vs. Muslim Jihad (Conversation)
  255. Muslims, Here's Your Chance! 3pm EST, 20:00 UTC, 8PM UK
  256. Former Radical Islamist Muslimah Reaches Out To Me
  257. New ExMuslim: SJWs and Muslim Reformers Start-Up Kit
  258. Skipped E-Mail "I Left Islam Because Of You"
  259. Muslim Version Of "V For Vendetta"
  260. Is Islamic Culture EVER Good?
  261. My Angry Ex-Muslim Days (I've Changed A Bit)
  262. Depressed ExMuslims
  263. Drinking A Beer With An Ex-Muslim
  264. Muslim Hates Concept Of Slavery In Islam
  265. Why Do Non-Muslim Westerners Convert To Islam?
  266. Culty Reasons Why Women Wear Hijab
  267. Barcelona Attack - Quick ExMuslim Reaction
  268. Quran-Only Muslim About To Leave Islam
  269. Reflections On Last Night...Join The Jinn And Tonic Show FRIDAY! 8/25
  270. The Longest Ex-Muslim/Muslim Conversation Ever
  271. Islam Vs. Culture (Ex-Muslim Perspective)
  272. Remembering When Mufassil And Abdullah Left Islam
  273. Quran Verses That Are Never Out Of Context
  274. Q&A: Fly To Speaker's Corner! We'll Pay For Your Ticket!
  275. Muhammad's Death: Something To Think About
  276. Annoying Things About Being Muslim
  277. Young Ex-Muslim: I Keep Getting Called "Terrorist"
  278. Much Love To My Pakistani Viewers
  279. Advice: Western Muslim Converts/Reverts To Islam
  280. Do I Make Islam Look Bad?
  281. Mini Q&A: I'm Having A Muslim Baby Soon!
  282. Muslim Is Triggered By ExMuslims
  283. I Accidentally Converted To Islam. Please Help.
  284. Ex-Muslimah: I Regret Wearing Hijab During University
  285. Proof: I Have A Greater Love For Humanity Than Allah
  286. Re: Things Not To Say To Someone Who Wears A Burqa
  287. Ex-Muslim Burnout Is Real. It's A Binding Spell.
  288. How Muslims Should Read The Quran
  289. Super Depressed Without Allah (Repent Now!)
  290. Can Ex-Muslims And Muslims Be Friends? (Elephant In The Room)
  291. Should I Try To Reform My Muslim Family?
  292. If You Justify 9 Year Old Menstruating Aisha, Watch "Brimstone"
  293. The Day I Stopped Believing In Exorcism/Ruqya/Spirits
  295. Questioning Islam In The 21st Century + 18K Subs!
  296. Muslim Experiment: Those Who Believe Islam is 50% True
  297. Ex-Muslim Reacts To Ali Dawah Reacting To "Ex-Muslims"
  298. Islamic Polygyny: Raising Awareness (Ex-Muslim POV)
  299. Why Islam Is Cult-Like (Principles Of A Cult)
  300. Farhan Qureshi and IntrovertedSmiles Hangout
  301. Inside The Mind Of IntrovertedSmiles
  302. Veedu Vidz and IntrovertedSmiles Hangout
  303. Having A Glass Of Red Wine- Thinking About Dawah
  304. RIP Jagraj Singh- Showing Respect To Basics of Sikhi Channel
  305. Giving Into Fear/Hate Just Because Someone Is Brown/Middle Eastern
  306. Why It's Hard For Muslims To Listen To Non-Muslims
  307. Kafir, Munafiq, Mushriq, Murtad, Takfir- Nasty Terms In Islam
  308. Muslim Reformers Vs. Apostates Discussion (Islam)
  309. The Ex-Muslim Dating Show!
  310. From Islam To Atheism To Islam Again
  311. Jews Created ISIS, 9/11 Inside Job, Obama Is A Jew, Etc.
  312. ChelseyHijabLove Leaves YouTube (Modesty Issues)
  313. Tommy Robinson Will Get "Softer" On Rebel Media
  314. Muslims Need To Try Cannabis For Sure
  315. Can You Be Happy As A Muslim?
  316. Calling Out Imam Tawhidi (Any Day, Any Time!)
  317. Helping Muslim Women (Critical Thinking)
  318. Jordan Peterson, Lauren Southern, MGTOW Principles
  319. Ex-Muslims Vs. Muslim Reformists (Who's Right?)
  320. Leaving Islam/Religion, Post-Depression Phase
  321. Responding Quickly To E-mails (Late Night)
  322. What If A Muslim Sees You As An Ex-Muslim?
  323. The Best Hijab MakeUp Tutorial!
  324. Islam Is Not Spiritually Fulfilling (BillyBong Request)
  325. Yes, I Almost Converted Back To Islam
  326. Contact EXMNA or CEMB for Ex-Muslim Help
  327. Islam: An Anxiety-Induced Religion
  328. Young Muslim Having Doubts
  329. 1st Live Stream: Say Random Things
  330. "I Used To Think You're A Right-Wing Sellout!"
  331. "Objective Morality" Phase As Muslims
  332. 72 Ex-Muslim Virgins Pep Talk
  333. Islamophobia (Video For Law Student)
  334. Challenging Linda Sarsour
  335. Muslim Wife Trapped In Abuse
  336. ExMuslims Were Never TRUE Muslims!
  337. Ex-Muslims Living In Muslim Countries
  338. Ex-Muslim Lefty SJWs and Righty SJWs
  339. Ex-Christian Woman Hates Me & MGTOW
  340. Karim Metwaly: The Innocent Muslim
  341. Islam Will Grow, Bad For LGBT Community
  342. London Muslim Youth Problem/Ghetto Muslims
  343. Islamic Reform: No Such Thing
  344. Women Shaming Male Virginity - DON'T LET THEM!
  345. American Muslim Women/MGTOW
  346. ExMuslim Baptism (Happy 4th of July!)
  347. Annoying Christian Or Deadly Muslim?
  348. The Muslim And Ex-Muslim Dialogue
  349. Converts To Islam Are Smarter
  350. Young Girls Wearing Hijab Is Abusive
  351. Follow Your Desires And Leave Islam!
  352. Quick Thoughts On Islamic Terrorism
  353. Letting Eating Habits Define You (Veganism)
  354. IntrovertedSmiles On Patreon!
  355. What is MGTOW? Men Going Their Own Way
  356. 3 Year Anniversary: ExMuslim On Muhammad
  357. She Became Religious, Should I Even Try?
  358. IntrovertedSmiles Is No More

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