jeudi 4 mai 2017

Truth About Islam. Truth About Quran, Muhammad, & Allah. World Caliphate Coming (Brigitte Gabriel)

Some commentaries :

- Most terrorists are Muslims. Most Muslims are not terrorists though they support them.
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims.
In every country where Muslims are in the minority, they are obsessed with minority rights.In every country with a Muslims majority, there are NO minority rights.

- Obama is probably a secret Muslim himself... His middle name Hussein is named after prophet Muhammad's grandson, his father and step father were both Muslims...

- actually the number is more like 15-20% of them are extremists from Syria and other Islamic countries.

- Just look at the news... a gang of 1000+ immigrants in Germany doing mass rape and sexual assaults in the city centre... this is just the beginning.

- if muslims hate the west so much, why do they flock to the west like gleeful pigs?

- OK, that's an easy answer. The ultimate goal of Islam is to take over the West, and eventually take over the whole world. Once they are here, they will breed, and multiply like crazy, while people in the west all pay for it, giving them welfare, food stamps, public housing, etc. Europe is already nearly over-run at this point.

- It makes them happy to kill us!!

(( us = the infidels = anyone that is not a practicing  Islamic-Muslim-Ideologist )) They are BRAINWASHED & we are lied to. A good start in research is : Albert Pike ..... to make it easy you can find video's about him on You-Tube. ((Islam has been killing & enslaving people , even their own people , for over 1400 years))
The USA didn't even exist 1400 yrs. ago. It's a death cult , they are taught as babies that they are born to die for allah !!
So much information is available but most people are not taking the opportunity to do the research. They seem content to remain MSM braindead.

- Muslims are fascists and haters, they hate everything non-muslims: your name, the way you dress eat whashing hands, everything. That is why when you become muslim, you must change your name and your way of life.

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