dimanche 8 mars 2020

Wuhan Coronavirus is Spreading and People are Collapsing! Don't Panic and Be Prepared! Please Share!

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Let's not do the same mistake that the Chinese government did by not letting anybody aware in Wuhan about the coronavirus even though the virus was discovered in November, kept secret and then told to be harmless. I don't want the same thing to happen to other countries! This virus seems to be spreading fast! The symptoms can take 2-28 days to show so checking temperatures on airports is not the perfect preventative measure as now they discovered that people who carry the virus without showing the symptoms can still spread the virus to others. It's ridiculous that until only recently, hundreds of flights left China without people getting isolated considering how easy for the virus to spread with a %20 hospitalization rate and how deadly the virus may become after a potential mutated version arrives. PLEASE watch the video below from an expert scientist on coronavirus to realize the seriousness of this situation:

Wuhan Coronavirus Seems To Be Worse Than SARS Based on a New Study! PLEASE Be Prepared Just In Case!

The same scientist has also a logical explanation as to why the people in the videos may be collapsing and potentially dying. Please watch the 29:22 minute mark in the video below to hear what he has to say about it:

This is not a conspiracy channel and I am just trying to find out the truth as the next person. Clearly, as you can see from the video that I posted on the morning of Jan 24th, the situation in China is dire but News Channels seem to downplay the issue. It's always better to be safe than sorry especially when it comes to life and death situations like this one! Please let everyone know about this and read the tips I wrote at the end of the video and research this further! I also forgot to mention for people to stock on non-perishable foods and water. I will update you guys with a new video if I can find more important information to share.

"When they tell you that the world's ending, they wanna sell you cereal. When they tell you not to panic, it's serious" - Martha Clarendon, Storm of the Century

ADDITIONAL SAFETY TIPS: Stay away from wet markets, wear swim or ski goggles with a water-proof mask when venturing outside if you had a lot of confirmed cases in your city. The virus has droplet&airborne features and can potentially enter through any open areas, including open sores. Make sure the protective mask you wear is at least N95 mask but I've heard from many credible people that their longevity is low and that they need to be very well fitted without gaps so high-end waterproof masks would be better when venturing into public if the outbreak happens in your city. At the very least, any mask would make you stop touching your mouth and nose which is good and don't touch your eyes with unwashed hands either! Don't forget to clean your phone with a disinfecting wipe after arriving home.

However please research any organization you give money to very well because I've heard that the Chinese government holds many of the donated masks etc. and not give them to people in need but do your research on this. Watch the video below for more information on this:

Please note that at 8:14 mark of the video, I mentioned that the incubation period of time from exposure of the virus to the onset of symptoms is believed to be two weeks but I meant to write 2 days to 2 weeks but now they say it can take up to 4 weeks or longer. Also, please don't believe anything you read or see online at face value and ALWAYS do your own research as I mentioned in the video.

All the videos I used came from twitter, search the hashtags below to see the videos all over twitter. Also, since I've posted my video, there have been many more videos that came out on Twitter, please follow the twitter account below to see many of them:

Lastly, I don't consider myself as a Youtuber and I only make videos when I believe that the video can make a good impact in the world. Also, to this day, I never made a dime on Youtube as I don't monetize my channel. I am a passionate web developer in real life and I am currently super busy with my job&career due to my brother's college expenses&debt and I didn't sleep to make this video. I believe in you guys to spread the message around. I'll do my best to keep you guys updated when I can but I am hoping this stuff will be picked up by bigger Youtubers and I won't have to post any similar videos.

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