dimanche 2 décembre 2018

The Islamic War on Israel - The History and the Conflict (The Apostate Prophet)

There is much more to say about the Israel-Palestine conflict and the Islamic war on Israel, but the idea was to give a summary of the historical events, especially of major conflicts like wars, and to show who was at fault each time and how we arrived here, in this time where the whole Islamic world manipulates the rest of the world merely by coming together and telling the same false narrative about Israel.

Note: I don't fully side with or support any state. This is merely a stance against the global hate agenda against the nation of Israel, a hate campaign that could also be done against any other nation. Every nation and state has flaws, so does Israel, but the flaws implied by the Islamic World are just the result of their hate of this nation.

00:00 Intro 01:46 Prehistory 03:36 Zionism 04:45 British Mandate & Beginnings of Conflict 11:30 Israel and the First War 13:24 Wars & Conflict after Israel 16:20 Yom Kippur War & First Intifada 18:50 Peace Process & Hamas 21:27 Conclusion I really wanted to be fair and objective with this, but sitting down and studying the history again, this is as fair as I can be. Enjoy. :)

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