samedi 17 mars 2018

Dispatches - Undercover Mosque: The Return - Real Stories

After the first 'Dispatches: Undercover Mosque' witnessed the rise of extremist Wahhabism within UK mosques, 'Undercover Mosque: The Return' explores further the terrifying beliefs of a rising ideology within the UK.

C : There seems to be a strong current of hypocrisy amongst the people in this video... They seem to want to live by the rules of Saudi Arabia but don't want to actually live in Saudi Arabia. They seem to be enjoying all of the benefits of living in Britain but also want to destroy the components that created those benefits. Disgusting really.

C : Meanwhile after this session they all go and collect their welfare from the British government

C :  They don't want democracy but they stay living in a democratic country. Oh and I bet they have no problem enjoying the free healthcare, education and assisted housing.

C : Islam has to die, if humanity has to survive.... both cant co exist that's sure!!!!

C : When Muslims are in a minority they demand human rights. where Muslims are a majority there are no human rights.

C : Non-Muslims need to understand something very clearly and I do mean very clearly - Muslims give themselves permission to lie openly to us - to lie whenever they are questioned about their faith and how they live their lives. This article so vividly shows this over and over again. Thank you for making this fact available to the world. We are "kaffirs" lowest of the low - not worthy of even the respect of the truth of the spoken word. The peaceful "sheeple" Muslims, the fanatical Muslims believe this.

C : Any muslim apologising in the documentry is practicing taqiyya. Any muslim saying this doesn't represents Islam in the commemts is practicing taqiyya. Blaming this on whabism exclusively is a lie. They're all lying. ALL OF THEM.

C : They whinge about the unbelievers constantly while living in their superior societies created through superior values. All of these Wahhabis should be forced to move to Saudi. They don't deserve the fruits of secularism.

C : Radical islam is nothing to do with "a Saudi Arabian interpretation of islam" Radical islam is what the false prophet muhammad teaches in the koran

C : Why is it every time a Mosque gets caught preaching hate, the people who run it plead ignorance and then practice Taqiyya, the art of lying through your teeth to non Muslims to further the cause of Islam. There should be a Police presence in all Mosques.And no matter how many times they get caught out they still get away with it. It's hate speech Infidelophobia!

C : Saudi Arabia is literally eating Britain for the inside, why can't the government just stop pandering to the Saudi's, the millions of pounds do not cover the cost of lives lost to extremists.

C : I was in complete shock watching this, I am close friends with a Muslim and her mum preaches to my mum and tries to get her to convert. I hope this mosque gets sorted out by the Prime Minister, I can not believe the disrespect some people have when we have even allowed them into England! It's incredibly unexeptable.

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