vendredi 23 mars 2018

House of Lords - Telford Grooming Scandal

Lord Pearson asking a very important question regarding the Telford grooming scandal.
Unfortunately it gets the typical politicaly correct response. We can't trust these politicians to protect our children.
C : They all have blood on their hands!

Pedophiles sharing young girls amongst family members, friends & collegues is a whole different story,
than individual rapists!
On New Years Eve, in Cologne strangers came together & accepted the crimes amongst each other.
Strangers that had the same cultural backround & religion.
But let's just sweep it under the rug AGAIN!
There is a huge elephant in the room & everyone can see it. The ones who don't want to acknowledge it will have us all trampelt!

C : They've got no intention whatsoever in dealing with the elephant in the room we can all so clearly see. If this continues, hostility will only increase.

C : The Lords are pantomime for the befuddled elderly. Most of these old wastrels are retired professional politicians and religious charlatans. Now in their dotage they pontificate about topics which they don't seem to even understand and pretend to shape laws on the same. The House of Lords should be abolished. We have some serious problems to address and these old cuckoos can't think beyond their ingrained pc politeness. Our kids are being gang raped and they don't want to "offend" Muslims....

C : lord pearson, the only lord with the balls to address these blatant cover ups.

C : This twat saying all the grooming happening in the U.K is not culture related / and not related to the Koran?? That is one big lie ! ONE LIE AFTER ANOTHER FROM THE ELITE! You are putting our so much danger you TOSSER! Britain First Britain First

C : He doesn't know anything about islam. The Koran Trump's the law of the land which is why they feel they can do and say whatever because no law made especially by someone not of the Islam faith has any hold on them. They are also given permission in the Koran to lie to outsiders and also permission to sleep with those outsiders as they have as a form of how on that is taking over a country would then treat those they conquer. Those girls are seen as trash and filth to them, nothing more but to be used for their enjoyment and because of that fact they wouldn't get in trouble by their faith for doing so even those that have wives because it isn't seen as being unfaithfulness.

But when 84% of the perpetrators are of Asian decent, mostly all of them Pakistani then you have a pattern that can't be ignored especially when it is against all white and shik girls....if it was the other way around being 84% white & shik men raping all Asian girls the response would be completely different and outcry of it being a hate crime and racism would have been one of the first things said, so why isn't it the same when it's the other way around....white girls can also be targeted for their race and have things done to them based solely on hate and racism so why don't they get the same treatment as other minorities do?

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