mercredi 14 mars 2018

Mass muslim deportation from UE to get rid of terrorist attacks

Stacey Dooley returns to her hometown of Luton, in the UK, to investigate Muslim extremists protesting the arrest of Mona Thorney, the wife of the Stockholm bomber.

C : Mass muslim deportation to their muslim lands would be appropriate. They are full of hatred for non-muslims and if they were a bit more, they surely kill all non-muslims in the UK. That's what happened every time in each country where they landed. No reason it should be different with UK. So wake up ! They appliy the Quran who says "Fight the unbelievers" (9.29), "kill them and be killed" (9.111), etc. You should apply your anti-terrorist law and deport them all. They are a real danger for your country, your wives and daughters. Sexual slavery is authorized in islam. As long as you have islam, you will have grooming gangs beating, raping and killing your teenage daughters. Robbing non-muslims is authorized. It's part of the jihad. See Surat 8. The wives and goods of the non-muslims killed by muslims are a reward for muslim djihadists.

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