mercredi 15 janvier 2020

Child of Europe


Google is evil

Snow Cattle@SnowCattle
#WhitePrivilege is @Google treating your racial group like they already do not even exist.
Look and compare the keywords too:
Black: "caring, happy, positive, black art, strong, proud, praying"
White: "single, biracial, mulatto, mixed baby, mixed race"

#WhitePrivilege is being the only group who are denied in group preference whilst all other groups are encouraged to celebrate theirs.

ChildOfEurope a retweeté american nationalist
Holy Crap, even Jones is noticing that this is a War against White people

The f**king bitch wants to have a child that looks like her! How dare she?
I reported her for Racism to the British Authorities, Twitter, ADL and SPLC.
Sorry, my bad, I just noticed she's not White, she's allowed to prefer her own race....

Andy Ngo
The BBC profiles an Afro-Caribbean British woman who is frustrated she can’t find an egg donor who comes from the same race and culture as her. She says she may not be able to connect to a child of a different race.

“The Jewish connection to immigration is not a conspiracy theory”
Bari Weiss

“It’s excellent news that Muslims are invading Europe”

Travel True (Jason)@J_H_5
Open The Gates
That sounds familiar...

White Student T.@WhiteStudentT

White Pill: Brave students save children.
Read the description for the black pill.

A student group (Liberal National Club) from the University of Queensland confronted two "adult entertainment performers" during a "storytelling" event for children at a Brisbane library.
The brave students can be heard chanting "Dr@9 Qu33ns are not for kids".
Immediately after this event the President of the student group, Wilson Gavin (the right one during the first seconds of the video) was doxed and targeted by the "progressive" mob who enjoys watching adult men in dresses reading stories to children about the fluidity of genders.
A few hours later Wilson jumped or was pushed in front of a moving train.
He payed the ultimate price because he was trying to protect defenseless children....

#WilsonGavin tried to protect defenseless children and he payed it with his own life.
He will be remembered as a hero.

YouTube is censoring those with dissenting views but has no problem with this filth.
Absolute disgrace of a platform.

Ppl don’t believe that Sweden regularly puts migrants who are 30+ (but claim they are unaccompanied minor refugees) in school classes with 13/14 y o Swedish students (my last post shows an Afghan with 13 y olds).Here’s another case. Ahmed 14 y old (photo in front of his school)😂

 12 janv.
We need to educate our children about:

-Back door pleasure
-Diversity is strength
-White privilege
-Free speech is Hate speech
-Guns kill
-Islam is peace
-Israel is our ally

Yours Truly
Conservative inc #Trumpsteinberg2020

Diverse societies = higher crime, lower prosperity
Homogeneous societies = lower crime , higher prosperity

Fisted by Foucault@ByFisted
This is the guy who killed three purported drug dealers in Split earlier today to avenge something that they did to his brother (details to come).  He wanted to kill two more.  All three were known to police, one ran over a young girl at a crosswalk years ago, killing her.

Middle Easterns in Western countries: We are not invaders
Middle Easterns in their home country: Stop invading us

The left supports accepting illegal migrants and fake refugees who lower the income of the working class and drain the welfare funds 
The right supports "legal migration" because it increases the profits of capitalism.
Both have been hacked by a parasite.
Google Kalergi

Imagine you went to give birth to the maternity hospital and when you left they gave you a random baby.
Would you accept it?
That's what happened to our countries.
Our society was comprised of people connected via DNA.
Now we live with people who hate our guts because of our DNA.

"AntiFash Gordon," a notorious antifa doxer accused of predatory behavior against underage girls, is revealed to be Christian Exoo. He was once an aspiring actor. A still from a sex scene in a 2010 film where Exoo is having oral sex w/a decapitated head:

Trump is the swamp

Donald J. Trump
H1-B holders in the United States can rest assured that changes are soon coming which will bring both simplicity and certainty to your stay, including a potential path to citizenship. We want to encourage talented and highly skilled people to pursue career options in the U.S.

When they say that you'll become a minority in 80 years they mean 40.
When they say 40 they mean 20.
When they say 20 they mean 10.
When you already have lower birthrates then the only reason you still have your "majority status" are the old people (boomers) who will soon die.

Since you were born every screen you watched was transmitting these messages:
-Children are a burden
-Consume to be happy
-Multiracial societies are the norm
-Jews are victims
-White people bad
This is not a coincidence, it's what farmers do to their cattle.
Who's farming us?

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