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News 08.01.2020 putain de thread à traduire vidéo d'enfer

Klaus B.

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"Studies show that diversity in school leads to long-term benefits for students."

Does it really?

"Find out why!"

I can't wait.
gather round folks, time for another "controversial" thread

today we discuss 'human biodiversity' and 'speciation,' specifically addressing one main issue: the origin and repercussions of distorted taxonomic classifications

as usual, I'll cover all basics and keep things simple

Robyn Riley@CCbucko
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I think there is this misconception that to be submissive in ones relationship means that you’re submissive in all aspects of life. Not true. I am not submissive when I am creating, thinking, leading other women, advising and nurturing others. I’m fully active in these roles.

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1. The word “submissive” has been completely subverted in pop culture to where the mere mention of it invokes a negative response, but I’ll try to explain it with current examples: Project Runway and Dancing with the Stars

Battle Beagle

 7 janv.
What is the safest state in America for 2020?

 The safest state in America is New Hampshire according to the most recent FBI data based on an index of property and violent crimes per capita.

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 6 janv.
My #ImmigrationMoratorium:

Repeal 1965 Imm. Act

Revoke all visas and green cards

Aid to renounce citizenship & repatriate

Deportation of all illegal aliens

Define “subject to the jurisdiction”, or amend citizenship clause & delegate to Congress authority over immigration

Paul Domenick

 6 janv.
Produce before you consume

This is the new standard I hold for myself in 2020

- Write before reading
- Workout before relaxing
- Work before chilling
- Journal before scrolling

Do something that adds value to your life first

Winners mindset

Urbanus II

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A Nation is Defined By Its Shared:


So what does that make America?

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I sometimes wonder if Haaretz and Times of Israel are written by the dissident right


 4 janv.
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100% of those Americans wouldn't have died if they weren't in other people's countries fighting the regional adversaries of Our Greatest Ally™

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