vendredi 29 septembre 2017

Not an act of evil exists on Earth that Muhammad did not commit.

Islam is the most evil death/rape/sex cult. Not an act of evil exists on Earth that Muhammed did not commit.
- Did he rape children? check. Ayesha at the age of 9.
- Did he rape deadbodies? check. Fathima, Muhammed's adopted mother. Muhammed laid with the deadbody of Fathima.

- Did he rape the wives and daughters of others? check. Suphiya Bint Huyyay. Muhammed raped her on the same day as he murdered her father Huyyay Ibn Akhtab and her husband and her entire tribe in the battle of Khyber.
- Did he have slaves? check. Quran even legalizes slave ownership. Slaves are called in Quran as those your right hand owns.
- Did he rape slaves? check. Muhammed used to regularly rape Maria the Coptic Christian. In fact, the estimated number of sex slaves of Muhammed through Hadees is 61.
- Did he molest young boys and girls? check. Muhammed used to suck the tongues of young boys on the pretext of supplying moisture to young boys. Muhammed used to dry rape Ayesha between her thighs from the age of 6 to the age of 9, when he raped her finally.
- Did he loot and plunder? check. Muhammed looted the tribe of Jews after the battle of Khyber in which he tortured Huyyay Bin Akhtab by placing burning charcoal on his chest and finally killed him before going on to rape his daughter.
- Did he abuse others and called names? check. Abu Hakam (meaning, father of knowledge) was a pagan leader who was very wise and opposed Muhammed's evil. Muhammed mocked him as Abu Jahl (meaning, father of ignorance), and finally ordered him killed.
- Did he commit genocide? chek. Multiple? Check. In the battle of Khyber, Muhammed murdered 900 Jews even afte their surrendered. Muhammed also committed the genocide of Quresh tribal people in the battle of Badr.
- Did he wage wars? check. Battle of Badr and Battle of Khyber.
- Did he forcefully convert others? check. Now, here, he used trechery and not necessarily force. But his followers were using force. Muhammed fooled Khudaija, Abu Bakr As Siddiq and everyone into converting by lying.
- Did he abuse others' religions? check. Muhammed always described Jews as trecherous people. Muhammed called Christianity and Paganism as evil Satanic practices.
- Did he destroy others' temples and idols? check. After the battle of Badr, Muhammed destroyed all the temples of Pagans and their idols, including Lat, Uzza and Mannat.
- Did he fuck his own relatives? check. Muhammed married his own daugher in law Zainab and then raped her.
Was he a lazy jobless man? check. Muhammed never worked. He first fed off Khudaija's money and later on, he survived by looting and plundering and taking largesse from others.
- Did he lie and concoct Islam? check. Quran is pure lie to support and aid his evil desires.
- Did he create the most evil rape-cult and death-cult? check. Islam.
- Did he lie and concoct stories? check. Muhammed claimed that he has gone to heaven on winged horse. How? In his dreams. Believe it or not.
- Was he deluded? check. Muhammed was so deluded that he said that God spoke to him through angel gabriel.
- Did he hate and spread hatred? check. Muhammed hated Jews and Pagans and he spread this hatred through Quran.
- Was he a filthy man who drank camel piss and cleaned his private parts with stones? check. Muhammed drank camel piss. It's in Hadees. Muhammed also advocated cleaning of our penis and assholes with stones. Not any stones. But, only odd number of stones.
- Was he cruel towards animals? check. Muhammed advocated Halal killing. Halal killing is the most violent and painful and slow way of killing animals.

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