samedi 11 novembre 2017

ISLAM IS not A RELIGION OF PEACE, and other comments

David Mc Clellan : Islam means submission.

Some naive and ignorant fool said that Islam means kindness and compassion. It's an apostate form of Islam that teaches this. Islam actually means "submission" by any and all means and permanent enslavement under penalty of death according to Sharia Law. Sharia knows nothing at all about kindness and compassion. It's about obeying the law to the letter according to the opinion of whoever is in charge or be punished. No exceptions.

It's the golden rule that means kindness and compassion and it's the law that governs authentic Christians. The golden rule is the perfect law of liberty and of love and mercy and it demands that Christians protect and defend each other from murderous enemies at the risk of our own lives. To refuse to kill an enemy that's threatening your loved ones is a sin against God because it's a clear violation of the golden rule.

God, in 1st Kings 18, approved of Elijah insulting the prophets of Baal right out in plan sight and even helped him. After doing that, he executed all 400 of the false prophets with God's blessing. And, Jesus (who God said he was perfectly pleased with) insulted the false teachers among the Jews by publicly telling them that they were Satan worshipers. And Jesus, by the way, said that he was somehow Jehovah in the Old Testament that had helped Elijah publicly expose the the prophets of Baal and he said that his followers were to imitate him by caring about people in need of our help just as he did. Jesus said that he was the Lord that helped Moses and Joshua and Caleb and others destroy the armies of all the false Gods in the region in and around Canaan. 

So, to all you folks that care enough about freedom and the welfare of all us freedom loving Americans to publicly ridicule the false prophets of Allah, thank you, thank you, thank you. We only wish everyone recognized how brave and caring you are instead of defending the false prophets and falsely accusing you of hate. Slanderers and hypocrites is what they are and they need to be sternly rebuked right out in front of God and everybody.

halalisevilll : One of the biggest misconceptions about islam is that it is a religion of peace.

Islam has never ever been peaceful, obviously not peaceful now, and if muslims follow the example of muhammad and teachings of his quran, it can never ever be peaceful.

While it is true that muslims can be peaceful, it does not automatically follow that it is because they are following islamic scriptures and the example of muhammad.

Quite the reverse in fact, they are peaceful because they are not following the teachings of islam and the example of muhammad.

There is hardly a page in the quran that deos not call for the blood of the infidels.

You only have to read the quran and hadiths to realise that muhammad spread a message of hate and intolerance, and he himself commited numerous acts of looting, murder, rape, wife beating, slavery, torture and child molesting.

The only people who appear to deny these facts, which are well documented in the quran and hadiths, are brain washed muslims.

Muhammad ,a very poor role model by any standards

Maebo Ktoniouk : Kill the internet

Why don't the Muslim Sky God kill the Internet? Internet is the number one enemy of Islam, exposing Koran as a comic book, and Mohammed as vile, conman.

Danny White : Allah the moon god

The Satanic Verses Prove beyond a doubt that Muslims today are worshipping the Pagan Moon God Allah whose three Daughters are mentioned in the Quran. The sign of the Moon God the Crescent Moon is seen on all Muslim Flags and also on most Mosques. Even today Muslims are obliged to travel to Mecca and bow down and Kiss the black stone (a fallen meteorite) as it was deemed to has come from Allah the Moon God.

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