dimanche 19 novembre 2017

Muhammad … the role model for Muslims

A was convinced at one point that he was demon-possesssed Ibn Ishaq 106 B tried repeatedly to commit suicide Ibn Ishaq 106, Bukhari 6982 C admittedly delivered revelations from the devil Ibn Ishaq 165-6 Ibn Sa´d 1: 236-9 D complained that he was a victim of a magic spell Bukhari 3175, 5765 E supported his religion by robbing people Iban Ishaq 281-289 F started a war with Mecca when he had a chance to live in peace in Medina Ibn Ishaq 289-321
G had people assassinated for criticizing his religion Ibn Ishaq 675-676 H beheaded hundreds of Jews for trying to defend themselves Ibn I 464 Tabi 8: 27-41 I ordered his followers to execute anyone who leaves his religion Bukhari 6878, 6922 J commanded his followers to violently subjugate the entire world Qur´an 9:29 K tortured people for money Ibn Ishaq 515 L owned and traded black African slaves Bukhari 6161, 7263 M called Ethiopians “raisin heads” and claimed that Satan looks like a black man; Bukhari 7142 N had sex with his nine-year-old wife Bukhari 3895, 5133 Sahih Muslim 8: 3311 O had at least nine wives at one time even though his own revelations only allowed four Bukhari 268, 5068, 5215 P married the wife of his adopted son after causing the divorce Qur´an 33:37, Tabari 8: 2-3 Q had sex with his slave girls Qur´an 33: 50 Nasa´i 3411 R broke his promise he made to his wives that he would stop having sex with his slave girls Qur´an 66: 1-2 S allowed his followers to rape their female captives Qur´an 4: 24 Abu Dawud 2155 T took the most beautiful captives back to his own tent Bukhari 4200 Ibn I 466 U told his followers they could beat their wives into submission Qur´an 4: 34 Ibn Majah 1986 V declared that women are stupid and that their testimony is unreliable Qur´an 2: 282 W promoted idolatrous pagan practices like kissing the black stone and bowing to the Kaaba Bukhari 1597 Qur´an 2: 144 X repeated stories based on forgeries and passed them off as revelations Qur´an 6: 25 16:103 Y portrayed God as deceptive and Jesus as a complete failure Qur`an 3: 54 4: 157 7: 99 Z has kept more people from knowing the true god than any other false prophet in history David Wood, Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Nabeel Qureshi, Sam Shamoun, Ingrid Carlqvist, Anke vanderMeersch (Miss Belgium 1991, 6th Miss Universe 1992, lawyer / politician) Usama Dakdok. Michael El Masry spread knowledge. Do the same by copy and paste to provide all Muslims with knowledge of the Truth, Jesus Christ.

source : prince Edward