mercredi 28 février 2018

Inside South Africa's White Displacement Camps

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Commentator : South Africa is busy on it's way to Catastrophe.
Here is a Excerpt from the Speech in Parliament by Congress of the People leader Mosiuoa Lekota "This Constitution says we are all South Africans. Who will you take the land from whom, and to whom will you give it?" "If you are going to give the land to our people, please tell us: Who is not our people in this country? Am I not one of you?" "Are you going to take the properties of the great grandchildren of the Indian indentured labourers who came here?" Lekota asked. "Are you going to take the properties of the French Hugenots and German refugees who came here, running away from religious wars in Europe? "Is it going to be the property of great-grandchildren of slaves who came from the Malay peninsula and Philippines islands?" The EFF benches and some ANC MPs shouted: "Yes!" EFF leader Julius Malema rose on a point of order and added: "The answer is yes." Some even shouted that only when the Country has driven Whites and Non-Blacks into the Ocean will they be satisfied. RACISM is not a MYTH in the so called Rainbow Nation, but this Rainbow will only be allowed one Colour and one Colour only - Namely BLACK