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Tommy Robinson and Tapan Ghosh: Islam’s War Against Hinduism in India

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Tommy Robinson and Tapan Ghosh: islam’s War Against Hinduism in India
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Last year, a well-known Indian activist by the name of Tapan Ghosh gave a speech in the Houses of Parliament. He told the truth about Islam and the Qur'an. He warned his audience about how, in Islam, there cannot be fraternity with non-Muslims. This is the first time I’ve ever heard the truth being told in our own Parliament!

Ghosh is the head of Hindu Samhati, an organisation in West Bengal that was set up to protect Hindus. His team of over 100,000 activists regularly protect women who are victims of “Love Jihad”, a practice whereby Muslim men pretend to be Hindu, entrap young women, and force them into marrying into Islam. 
I met him earlier today to talk about his speech, and to find out more about the situation in India. He told me that his people have been under threat for 1400 years, how the media tell the same lies as our Western press, and how alternative media like The Rebel will be key for stopping the threat of Jihad and fake news propaganda.

I watched a video where I saw a hindu man speak in the Parliament this week. And he told the truth, he told the truth about the Quran, he told the truth about islam. It shocked me. In parliament he has formed an organization in India with hundreds of thousands of volunteers who protect the Hindu community. They protect their women. All the same we face, they face.
I’m gonna sit down with him and here talk to him and find out what problems there are in India.
(The Tommy Robinson Show)
TR (Tommy Robinson) : It’s an honor to meet you. I have read lots about you, yeah.
TG : Tapar Kumar Ghosh JI (founder of Hindu Samathi) : It’s such a pleasure to me too because it has a long ways to meet you.
TR : In the UK, see, in our schooling system, everyone is being bought up from a low level to believe Islam is peaceful, to believe this, it’s down to interpretation. Of course the whole of our country market to their school. So you’ve experienced first hand.
TG : See, this is pure ignorance. Islam itself never claimed that it is peaceful. It is other people they’re imposing this so-called peace. Islam repeatedly says : “peace be upon him”, him means Mohammed, not “peace be upon people”.
TR : Yeah.
TG : And this fanaticism, radicalism, these are the vectors, this is true islam.
TR : Yeah, real islam.
TG : This lack of knowledge about these basic instructions of the religion, it is… it must be propagated and let people know, let people read the Quran.
TR : Empowerment. You mentioned about taqya. You mentioned the word taqya ampowerment. Can you explain what that is because I know I know what it is but that’s the problem we have, most people in Britain most politicians don’t understand taqya.
TG : Quran step chapter 3 verse number 28. Here Allah says his follower, that is a believer, that is a Muslim, that is a Mahommedan, that you cannot take an unbeliever as your ally, but with exception, if you need protection, then you can … you can pretend to be ally of a non-believer. That is taqya, that is taqya. As long as you are weak, then the non-believer, then you can pretend oh oh you are my friend but whenever you become stronger then you cannot take him as ally if he’s a non-believer. This is taqya.
There should be mass education on this.
TR : That’s why I said with the education system. If they were teaching the kids the truth, teaching kids facts about it…
TG : You are facing this Islamic onslaught very recently, you do not have the numbers on your side. If any situation arises that this there will be a big world which is called as a civilizational class then also number is needed and we have that number we have that potential to fight because we know them we know them for long 13 hundred years. Your people don’t know them.
The first attack on our land was in 711 A.D. and in spite of this 14 hundred years aggression still we India we Hindustan we are surviving. This long Islamic aggression, we somehow resisted resisted and, still, we are following our religion, our civilization. They desecrate our temples, our religious places. They attack our religious processions. They attack our religious programs.
TR : And how do you react ?
TG : And not only, they did too many ugly things. See, they do not believe in …., in the…… . We are worshiping big idols of many gods. The muslim boys come there only to tease the hindu girls.
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Only to touch the hindu girls, only to molest the hindu girls.
TR : I’ve seen that a lot of times. They call it love jihad. In our country we have a mass scandal which is going on : grooming gangs.
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Tell me what’s going on with this in India ?
TG : See, I am very sorry to say that this love jihad is happening in a few provinces links with very infectious diseases. Sadly in our hindu homes, there are religious trainings, rituals, etc. But today hindus are not taught about the evil designs and intents of the muslims. Therefore in most of the cases the muslim boys take a hindu name by proud. The boy gets in touch with the hindu girl and he proposes the girl, he takes her to a restaurant on the backside of his motorbike and they get in affair, but, see, this is not simple love affair. What happens almost in every cases : when the boy or the girl get in some physical intimacy, even like the kiss, they take the photograph, and then, they exploit the girl, they force the girl to marry him, to come out with him and to convert. And this thing is called love jihad.
TR : Exactly the same is happening here. Exactly the same. They pretend they’re sikh and they use exactly the same tactics. That’s why I would understand this. The problem in India, you’re ten or fifteen years ahead of us. You set an organization with hundreds of thousands of young hindu men who volunteer to now protect your community, to protect your daughters.
TG : Yeah, but I want to add one fact. You see, you have powerful Hollywood, the cinema making. In our India, there’s Bollywood. This is powerful indian film seller, producer. And there all the heroes are muslims. All the Khans, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Nawajudin Khan, all Khans. How can it happen in a country – India - where only 13 percent of the population is muslim ? But in the Bollywood, heroes - not the heroins – only heroes, are all muslims. How is I it possible ? Only because our Bombay film industry is controlled by the notorious underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim, the criminal, and he is sitting under the whole protection of Pakistan in Karachi. And these Bollywood films have a huge impact on the young minds of the youth.
TR : I see. The problems with the love jihad, with the attacks on the temples, can you lie on the police ?
TG : Police are just scared of these muslims. They have some sympathy for us, but the politicians, the vote-begger politicians, the politicians that beg for votes, these politicians, they intervene (to prevent them) to catch the criminals, to punish the criminals.
TR : The politicians stop the police.
TG : The politicians stop the police to act against these muslim criminals.
TR : Because their votes are from the muslim community.
TG : Yeah.
TR : There’s the same problem with the rape scandals in the UK. The muslim community have never stood up against them. Not one person had ever reported. All the mosks knew that was happening. Not a person ever opened the mouth about it.
TG : Wherever any attack happens, when the Islamic terrorist attacks happen, the mainstream medias hide it and they say the perpetrators are “Asians”. This is very misleading term, this “Asian”. And who is the culprit of this confusion ? The mainstream media. Therefore it is our duty to check the mainstream media. How ? it is our duty to empower and expand the social media, because mainstream media needs huge amount of money. If you want to start a newspaper, if you want to start a TV channel, full-time TV channel, it would require a huge monumental investment, which common people cannot afford. And whoever has money impose their design, their control upon it. Therefore really I request you to convey the world all these terrorist attacks, these knives attacks, this truck jihad, these are not by the Asians, but the muslims. Because there are peaceful peace-loving Japanese Asians, there are peace-loving hindu Asians, there are peace-loving south-korean Asians, therefore it is not the whole part of the Asians, but of the muslims.
And this race : we and the muslims are from the same race. Because all they converted. But after being converted their behaviour, their psychology changed. Therefore this is not the racial balance, this is the religious balance. Vvvvvvvvvvvv Originated from their scripture. Therefore this “Asian” term is the sin of the mainstream media. These mainstream media, they’re sinners to destroy this entire humanity by not letting the people know the truth.
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